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Live in Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy is loved by all those looking for a high quality of living. Discover this country at heart of Europe !

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg sits at the very heart of mainland Europe. Its unique graphical position has served it well, making it the perfect location for major European Union infrastructure, along with many of the world's largest and most prestigious banking and investment institutions.

As a result, one of Luxembourg's greatest qualities is its multiculturality

Almost 45% of the country's population are not Luxembourg nationals and the country counts more than 170 different nationalities living within its borders and, as a country bordering three of Europe's most prominent countries, it is no surprise that the population of the Grand Duchy swells every day due to the large influx of cross-border workers from Belgium, France and Germany.

The Grand Duchy is loved by all those looking for a high quality of living, with an exceptional education system, excellent remuneration and social security benefits, high standards of housing and an excellent health system. It is not by chance that surveys of international renown regularly confirm that Luxembourg is a great place to live.

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